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How To Incorporate Food Trucks Into Your Wedding


How To Incorporate Food Trucks Into Your Wedding

Krista Dentice

Who doesn’t love food trucks? They are so much fun, especially at a wedding! They are extremely versatile, can arrive in many shapes and sizes and can serve all types of cuisines. Today I’m going to share a few different ways to incorporate a food truck (or two) into your wedding plans as well as tell you about some of the unique options Milwaukee has to offer.

The diversity in food truck cuisine is perfect for a wedding meal because you can get really creative with it, serving anything from tacos to pizza to burgers (or all three!) This option is perfect for a couple hosting a more laid back wedding, such as in a backyard, at a park, or an event space (like a barn) with easy access to the outdoors. Most couples will choose 2-3 different cuisines to offer their guests a choice. From a planning standing point, one perk is that your guests don’t have to choose their meal ahead of time and you won’t need to keep track of who ordered what.

Here are some great options Milwaukee has to offer for dinner:

Gouda Girls serves grilled cheese and other sandwiches

Streetza Pizza serves pizza by the slice

Hidden Kitchen MKE serves fresh, farm-to-truck food

Mazorca Tacos serves tacos

Firewise Barbecue serves Wisconsin-style barbecue

Truckmeister serves burgers

Now let’s talk about dessert! Couples are getting more and more creative with their dessert selections these days. While we still see a lot of traditional wedding cakes, a lot of couple choose to offer multiple desserts options (and some even skip the cake altogether).

Here are a few dessert trucks we think sound incredible:

Press serves Belgian Liège waffles (we’ve had their waffles at our wedding pictures above - so good!)

Cupcake-A-Rhee serves cupcakes, of course

Chillwaukee Pops serves unique frozen pops

Happy Dough Lucky serves mini donuts and coffee

Nimble Coffee Bar serves coffee and specialty coffee drinks as well an mini bundt cakes

Even if you are planning a more traditional wedding and prefer a classic sit-down dinner and dessert selection, food trucks can still be apart of your special day. We’ve seen a lot of couples utilize a food truck as their late night food option. What better way to end a wedding reception full of dancing and drinking?

Here are some options we think sound perfect for a late night snack:

Blue Cow Creperie serves crepes (I’ve tried one before and it was delicious)

Fivestar Nacho serves nachos, of course

Rolling Cones serves bread cones with meat & vegetarian fillings

You could also choose any of the dinner or dessert options listed above. Pizza, waffles, burgers, most of those items would work well as a late night snack option as well.

If you want to see a full list of the food truck options Milwaukee has to offer, check out Roaming Hunger

Happy Wedding Planning!