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Navigating Your Wedding Registry


Navigating Your Wedding Registry

Krista Dentice

wedding gifts.jpeg

Some of you may be wondering ‘what exactly is the point of a wedding registry and do I really need one?’ For those of you who are new to the subject, wedding registries are select items commonly from a home goods store such as appliances, dish sets, etc. I know many modern couples feel they already have everything they need for their home, especially if they have already been living together for years. And let’s face it, most people are hoping for CASH! But keep in mind, you will want to register for at least some items for your bridal shower at the very least. And while at most weddings these days we see very few actual gifts, some of your guests would really enjoy and prefer to buy you a gift rather than gift you money.

When registering, it is important to go into the process with an idea of what you're looking for. Most registries are categorized into sections of kitchen (which has many sub-categories of it’s own!), bedding, bath, decor, etc. Once you know what you want and need and determine which store(s) best fits your style, you are ready to begin!

From my experience, there are four different types of couples who register.

1. The couple who needs the basics for the kitchen. This couple is looking to pick out dishware, drinkware, silverware, bakeware, and appliances. This is the perfect opportunity to rid your cabinets of any mismatched dishes you still have from your college years. Or perhaps you look at this as a great opportunity to upgrade to a nicer set. It can also be fun to select some of those fun kitchen gadgets and appliances you have been wanting to try!

2. The couple who needs the basics for the bedroom(s) and bathroom(s). Let’s face it, linens wear out and fade over time. Unless you have recently purchased new sheet sets, pillows, and a comforter, this is a great opportunity to upgrade or find something that fits both of your styles. And who would love some fresh soft towels and rugs for the bathroom?

3. The couple who already has the basics listed above, but would love some home decor to spruce up their place. Now is the time to pick out the finishing touches to complete your home. This could be anything you want or need: curtains, rugs, picture frames, vases, art, a clock. You could even select larger items such as furniture or a lighting fixture, which make great group gifts.

4. The couple who has already created and filled the perfect home together, but would love more equipment for entertaining guests and pursuing their hobbies together. This is the perfect chance to pick out a new grill, camping or hiking gear, games, or items you could use for traveling (luggage or a go pro perhaps).

Aside from these traditional types or registries, many couples these days are opting for honeymoon registries, where their guests can contribute to their honeymoon fund and often can select where they would like their money to be spent (couple’s massage, an excursion on your choosing, dinner for two on the beach, etc.)