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Bridesmaids Gift Box Ideas


Bridesmaids Gift Box Ideas

Krista Dentice

I’m sure you’ve seen these adorable fun filled gift boxes floating around on Pinterest. I think they are such a sweet gesture to give to your best gals either as a way of asking them to stand up in your wedding or as a thank you gift on the wedding day. These gift boxes typically contain items such as sweets, mini bottles of champagne, and personalized gifts. They can be purchased online (most commonly on Etsy); however, for those of you that are crafty, you might have more fun putting them together yourself!

First you will need a cute box or basket. Craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby always have the cutest options. You might even be able to find something in your wedding color scheme. Make sure to pick up some tissue paper or decorative filler to match as well.

Next you will need some tasty treats and/or drinks. Since it is a celebration, you could include a mini spirit or champagne bottle. Some great non-alcoholic options are coffee or tea, because anyone can use those. A common treat we’ve seen used is macaroons. These are elegant little cookies and the boxed packaging makes assembly a breeze. This is a great option if you want to do a combination of flavors or a different flavor for each bridesmaid. I recently tried the most delicious macaroons at Woops in Brookfield! They have so many different colors and flavors to choose from.

It’s also thoughtful to include a personalized item for each bridesmaid. You can really use your creativity here and think about what your girls would enjoy the most. A few ideas we see often are water bottles, mugs, jewelry and candles. Most of these items can be purchased online from Etsy. Just keep in mind that when you are ordering personalized gifts, your shipping times might be a little longer than you are used to (I’m so used to Amazon Prime now that I hate having to wait more than 2 days to receive my order!)

Additional items you could include are bath bombs, soaps, lotions, lipgloss, socks, a robe, a photo frame, nail polish, etc. The options are endless!

The final step is simple, yet it makes all the difference - a heartfelt card or note is the perfect finishing touch. The cards can be pre-made or purchased at a local store or online (again Etsy has many great options), or you could put together your own. This is a great chance to tells your girls how much they mean to you and how happy you are to have them standing by your side on your wedding day!

I hope this has given you some great ideas on how to personalize gifts boxes for your bridesmaids. Even though some of them might already be expecting to be in your wedding, I’m sure this gift will be a nice surprise!