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Megan + Alex's Wedding at Black Swan


Megan + Alex's Wedding at Black Swan

Krista Dentice

Megan and Alex were married on a beautiful yet windy day in September. Their ceremony was held at the St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield and their reception was held at Black Swan in Milwaukee. They surprised guests with a bagpiper to escort them down the aisle after saying their I Do’s. The reception was complete with delicious food, plenty of dancing, sparklers and a cigar bar. You can clearly see how happy Megan and Alex are together by the huge smiles plastered on their faces all day long!

Just Married Better Together Photography.JPG

From The Bride:

When and how did you first fall in love with your spouse?

Alex and I met in college at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The first time we talked was on a junior year trip to Chicago through the accounting fraternity, but Alex claims he had known of me since freshman year as the ‘cute girl from his dorm’. During this trip, we discovered that we would be studying abroad together in London the following semester. London is where we officially started dating, but it was pretty easy to fall for each other when our first trips together were places like Paris, Barcelona, and Prague.  We got back from studying abroad and we both had summer internships in Minneapolis, spent another semester of school in Madison, and then a spring internship at the same company in Chicago. We were in the same four cities in four quarters by complete coincidence; all of this was laid out before we started dating.

What’s the number one piece of advice you have for couples just starting to plan their wedding?

I read an article recently and there were 3 points that really hit home for me so I thought I’d share:

  1. The groom-to-be won’t care about things you thought he would.

  2. The groom-to-be will care about things you never dreamed he would.

  3. You will stress cry over a small detail. This is normal and okay. You are planning the most important day of your life and lots of people will be there. This is inherently stressful. Learn to take breaks and tune out planning the wedding every so often. You WILL need a break from planning.

Wedding Bouquet Jane Kelly Floral.JPG

Which moment of your wedding was the most memorable for you?

My walk down the aisle as my husband and I decided to not do a first look prior to the ceremony. 

Wedding Ceremony Better Together Photography.JPG

Is there anything you wish you would’ve known going into the planning process?

When I was going through the planning process, I had heard from many people that there are so many small details. After completing my wedding in September 2018, I completely agree and THIS CANNOT BE UNDERSTATED. With the small details, comes a lot of vendors to track and manage. As such, having someone to help coordinate when these vendors will show up on your wedding day, who they can call if there are issues, etc. is critical. I also recommend creating a separate folder on your computer for each of your vendors and saving down the contracts each time you sign one. Staying organized with payment terms and details is important. It will make it easier if you are organized.   

St Johns Northwestern Military Academy Wedding.JPG

Would you recommend a wedding planner to other couples and if so, why?

I absolutely would recommend working with a wedding planner. Going into planning a wedding, I had the assumption that a wedding planner was an unnecessary extra cost or someone that was a “nice to have,” but not a huge help as I ultimately still needed to make the decision. Those assumptions went to the way side when I started working with Krista. Krista was a big part of why my wedding day went so seamless! She was in contact with all of my vendors a couple weeks in advance to confirm important details and provided her cell phone number in case they needed to get ahold of someone the day of. Additionally, she was behind the scenes and set up all of the small details at the reception. She really put my mind at ease knowing that she would take care of anything and everything and this let my fiancé and I (and our families) enjoy the wedding day!! My mom was also so relieved to have Krista!