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Wedding Photography: The Details


Wedding Photography: The Details

Krista Dentice

You may have heard your wedding photographer mention ‘detail shots’ when discussing your wedding day photos. And you might be wondering, what exactly does that mean? We’ve put together a list of some of the most common details your photographer will want to capture, so you can have them ready to go when they arrive on wedding day. If you have any significant items you want to make sure are captured, make a list ahead of time and make sure your photographer and/or wedding planner get a copy.


This is one detail that is often forgotten since invitations are sent out a few months before the wedding. Make sure to bring an extra invitation suite with you or give it to your photographer or wedding planner ahead of time.

Letters or Gifts

If you and your fiancé choose to give each other a letter or gift before the ceremony, this is a moment your photographer will want to capture, so make sure they are aware of when and where it will be happening.

Jewelry, Handkerchief or Other Personal Items

Really anything you are wearing that day makes for a great detail shot. Make sure to let your photographer know of anything extra special that was passed down from a relative or gifted to you for your wedding.


Your photographer will probably ask to borrow your rings at some point during the day to get some fun shots like these.


Shoe photos are a must (you know how long you spent shopping for that perfect pair!) and many couples like to get a shot of their shoes together.

Perfume or Cologne

This may seem odd, but think about it…this is your signature scent that your fiancé will immediately recognize and bring back memories of the big day, whether it’s your everyday tried and true scent or something you chose special for that day. Plus, how cute are those little bottles?

Cufflinks, Watches, Socks

Most of the time I see details shots of the bride’s accessories, but the groom’s accessories can be fun too!

Old, New, Borrowed & Blue Items

If you are participating in the tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, make sure you tell your photographer what those items are.

Dress, Garter & Customized Hanger

The bride’s dress is a must get shot and many venues have great backdrops to hang it up against. Don’t forget a cute hanger! Even if you don’t have a customized hanger, using a wooden one instead of a plastic one goes a long way!