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Keeping It Classy with Themed Weddings


Keeping It Classy with Themed Weddings

Krista Dentice

Everyone loves a good themed wedding. Not only is it meaningful for the couple but it provides guests with a refreshing, new concept of what attending a wedding can entail instead of the usual, ho hum routine. However, it can be easy to go overboard with a theme that will end up leaving guests less than impressed and pictures that you’ll look back on and say “What was I thinking?!” Here are a few tips for how to pull off a fun and memorable themed wedding without making it too cheesy.

Choose a theme that means something special to you and your fiancé and that represents you as a couple.

While themes are fun, make sure it’s something that speaks to you both. It could be a hobby you both really enjoy or a key aspect of your love story. Maybe you got engaged on a romantic trip to Paris and want to represent that with a Parisian themed reception.

Perhaps you both love spending time at the beach and the two of you always spend date night walking by the water and having a picnic in the sand. A nautical themed nuptial may be the perfect way to represent your love story to your guests. As long as it has special meaning to you, it won’t be dated or cheesy when you look back on your wedding years later. Don’t pick a theme just for the sake of having a theme. Make it personal.

Tie everything together by creating a vision board.

There may be a million thoughts swimming around in your head when it comes to a theme idea but you need a central place to put all of those ideas to see how well they work together. Pinterest is a great place to start looking up ideas. Start browsing through all the pins and create a board where you can see all of the elements you like in one place. This will allow you to see which things work well together and which things don’t follow the overall aesthetic and should be nixed.  Once you find the ideas you want to incorporate, start looking up companies who can create these elements or if it’s something you can make yourself start planning out your materials and how you’re going to create it.

Use the theme in a subtle way instead of as the main focus.

This is very important so things don’t get out of hand and it looks like your theme threw up all over your wedding. Not every little thing at the reception needs to be a literal representation of the theme. Keep it more sophisticated by having a color scheme that represents the theme and using those colors for different accent pieces to tie everything together. You can add more obvious touches here and there to make the theme more noticeable. Table centerpieces, table numbers, and signage are great places to incorporate your theme more.  For instance, when going for a beach theme you can keep the linens and napkins a solid color such as aqua or a sand tone while adding little seashells and coral in the centerpieces. Having seashells all over every aspect of the reception room would be too overwhelming and make things look cluttered and visually unappealing. Keep it clean and simple.

When planning your themed wedding, remember to have fun with it.  This is your special day and your chance to show all of your guests the love you have for one another while showcasing your personality and unique tastes that make you, YOU.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and personalize your wedding to your specific style. As long as your theme matches who you are, it will be timeless and create wonderful memories for everyone in the years to come.