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12 Winter Wedding Trends


12 Winter Wedding Trends

Krista Dentice

The holidays are quickly approaching and we can’t help but get in the spirit of the season!  While many couples get married in Wisconsin during the spring, summer, and fall months, a winter wedding can create a beautiful and unique experience for both the couple as well as the attending guests.  Here are some of the hottest winter wedding trends of 2016-2017 to inspire all you winter brides out there.

1. Long-sleeved wedding dresses

Kate Middleton is the one to thank for bringing long-sleeved wedding dresses back on trend when she donned a gorgeous lace gown designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen at her wedding in 2011.  While sleeves certainly serve a practical purpose when getting married in colder climates, they also create an air of elegance and romance, which makes for a more regal look.

2.  Berry-filled bouquets

While roses or peonies makes for a lovely bouquet, adding berries to a floral arrangement adds a fun seasonal touch and creates a pop of color to make the bride really stand out.

3.  Jewel-toned bridesmaids dresses

Deep jewel tones create a nice contrast to the starkness of a snowy backdrop and the more neutral color scheme the winter tends to bring.

4. Berry lips  

Berry lips add a beautiful rich color pop to the bride while also tying her into the jewel-toned look of her bridesmaids.

5.  Nature-inspired decor

Bringing outdoor elements such as wood, pinecones, and wreaths into your reception space is sure to make guests feel immersed in the season.

6. Berry and branch cake toppers

One of the best parts of winter is the breathtaking beauty of the outdoors. What better way to replicate that onto your cake than with pinecones, small branches, and greenery against a white fondant background to represent snow.  Throw on some bright-colored berries for a fresh pop of color and you have one stunning, wintry cake.

7.  Coffee and Hot Chocolate Bars

Coffee bars have long been at wedding receptions, but winter nuptials get to kick it up a notch with the addition of hot chocolate along with fun, festive toppings such as candy canes, marshmallows, and chocolate chips.

8.  Sequin Tablecloths

The holidays are all about shimmer and sparkle.  A great way to incorporate some glitz and glamour into your wedding is with a sequin tablecloth or overlay.  Sparkly napkins could be added instead for a more muted look.


9. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are still on trend, especially for winter weddings, and yet another way to incorporate nature’s beauty in your special day.

10. Velvet shoes and accessories

Velvet shoes or gloves provide a rich elegance to a winter wedding. Plus it adds a little extra warmth.

11.  Faux Fur Coats

Faux fur coats are a classy way to stay warm during transportation and for outdoor pictures.


12. Ecofetti

When it comes to staged exits, ecofetti is the new, trendy upgrade to traditional confetti.  It's made of cornstarch and gluten, which makes it non-toxic. You can choose from an array of colors to match your wedding theme.